Bimodal IT

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Bimodal IT

According to a 2016 study from the Gartner Symposium, business leaders need to build a digital platform to reach customers, things, and ecosystems intelligently.  Does your IT department have a process in place to handle what Garner calls “Bimodal IT”?

Can you manage the first mode, the predictable, well-understood best practices that IT departments have deployed in recent years?  The second mode may be new to your organization – an exploratory effort, experimenting to solve new problems, and optimized for areas of uncertainty.  Both of these modes play an essential role in the digital transformation that is expected of all business that want to thrive as technology becomes more integrated with the economy.

According to Garter, by 2019, many companies will expect 46% of customer-perceived value in their products to be digital!  We can help you analyze your IT processes and use best practices to add innovation management as proscribed by the Baldrige criteria.

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Bimodal IT


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