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Brian is a highly skilled IT professional with a broad range of knowledge and skills. His breadth of capabilities and dedication to resolving system issues and tenacity toward implementation of project goals on time and within budget are an attribute sometimes hard to find, yet highly prized when mission critical systems depend on his skills. Not only does he have broad experience with Networks, phone systems, Exchange, Web development, he also has the mindset that no level of detail or work requirements are above his position. Yet, he is adapt at determining when the situation requires his personal involvement and when his time is best spent managing a project implementation or task toward meeting a set of management/company objectives.

Camfil USA

( Mike Danford )

Other Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Brian on a few IT projects almost 10 years ago. At the time, I learned a lot from him that helped me better manage future IT projects that I ran after leaving the country. Fast forward to today when I am back in the Arkansas area and he is a phenomenal external IT asset to our organization. I've dealt with many external 'technology' consultants, some good, some bad, almost all of them over bill by the quarter hour for sub-par service. Brian is a cut above the typical 'IT Consulting' service. He's always gone above and beyond what was expected to make sure any project I've brought him in on is complete, along with consistent followup. He has a talent very rarely found in IT minded people: the ability to connect with the average person, translating IT jargon into something anyone can understand. Between the professionalism and dedication to people, Brian has been a pleasure to work with, and he continues to be a valuable asset to our company.

The Systems Group

( Kyle Morgan )

Brian's knowledge of networking technologies is as good as I have seen. Additionally, his ability to plan appropriately to minimize effect on end users is superb.

e-ssential business solutions

( Justin Zimmerman )

Brian's technical competency is unmatched. He knows how to come up with original solutions to problems, and is dedicated to finishing projects in a timely manner. His interpersonal skills are excellent, he can explain technical points to individuals in an understandable tone without sounding over technical or condescending to his audience. Computers isn't an afterthought for Brian, technology is a passion which he lives and breathes. Even after all these years, I trust his technical expertise and highly recommend him.

Beta Systems Software

( Timothy McDoniel )

I had the pleasure of managing Brian Clark at TSS/IBM in the 95-96 time frame. Brian is one of those rare employees who is 100% everyday. Not only was he completely dedicated to the tasks at hand, but he also had a cheerful and positive manner about him that influenced the rest of the team. If the other team members had been focused and dedicated self starters like Brian, I might have been out of a job as no manager would have been needed!


( Kelly Crump )

Brian is an exceptional leader with extraordinary people skills. His approach to leadership and problem solving demonstrates his considerable experience as a team player. He is incredibly skilled with computers and technology and is constantly broadening his horizons and researching new and better solutions to current issues. He is a constant source of encouragement to our team and has proven time and again that he is willing to go the extra mile for the people that work with him.

engines, inc.

( Tony McCall )

Brian has been a huge contributor to the International Conference on ISO 9000 for a number of years. I have had the pleasure of working with him and have found him to be a real team player.

TQM Systems

( Mickey Christensen )

Excellent service at a reasonable price. Brian is completely professional and took care of all our company's it needs. Highly recommended!

Ag Watch Network

( Terry Simmons )